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Strategic Objectives 


The Faculty of Arts sets forth the following objectives:

  • Developing the premises of the faculty, supporting the infrastructure and providing necessary capabilities for proper education opportunities;
  • Providing the new technologies that enhance students’ academic abilities, a digital structure, advanced equipment necessary for information technology and developing the Internet services inside the faculty and the library;
  • Developing the systems of admission tests and providing professional cadres capable of selecting significant, creative and skillful students;
  • Applying the strategy plan of the ministry of education and learning, and enhancing the capabilities of the faculty members for carrying it out;
  • Using advanced educational utilities necessary for the graduation of an alumnus capable of permanent competition in the marketplace and of meeting the needs of the beneficiaries, academically, cognitively and behaviorally;
  • Developing the capabilities of the faculty members and staff, and motivating competitions, locally and internationally;
  • Setting up an organizational structure and mechanisms, enabling the administrative body of the faculty to work properly and efficiently;
  • Developing research and consulting services and establishing advanced databases, capable of coping with the rapid development of varied design sciences;
  • Supporting and activating cooperation agreements in the fields of scientific research with various industrial institutions, and encouraging the activities of the co-researches, regionally and internationally;
  • Enabling electronic access to worldwide database and journals to support academic research, along with providing all the necessary references, periodicals at the library;
  • Specifying the community’s real requirements, and prioritizing them successfully to serve the community, locally and internationally;
  • Finding self-resources sufficient for supporting the faculty’s plans regarding growth, carrying out its strategies, and preparing an overall financial policy necessary for providing resources and financial support for the faculty’s programs.


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