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Unit’s Objectives


The Unit’s Objectives

The objectives of the Quality Assurance Unit and Accreditation are:

  1. Meeting the requirements and standards of the National Authority of Quality Assurance and Accreditation;
  2. Achieving the faculty’s mission and strategic goals and doing the best to achieve the faculty’s vision through the high quality of the educational, research and communal activities;
  3. Circulating a culture of quality and assuring the accreditation among the faculty members, their staff, members of the administrative authority, labors and students;
  4. Reliability and satisfaction of the alumni by virtue of the national standards of high performance and information accessibility;
  5. Reinforcing the relation between the faculty and the community for the purpose of developing and improving the services provided by the faculty;
  6. Cooperation and reinforcing the relation with the institutions of the quality assurance and local, regional and international accreditation;
  7. Seeking to coordinate between the various activities, programs and the projects, aiming at developing the educational process;
  8. Setting a clear quality system to promote the level of the educational service provided by the faculty members and improving the level of the alumnus in accordance with the national standards;
  9. Setting policies and mechanisms of evaluating the performance and quality of all the activities and taking part in following up the departments and administrations of the faculty;
  10. Presenting various suggestions and recommendations related to the application of the quality system and carrying out these suggestions to achieve the units’ objectives, and preparing the faculty for the total assessment stage of performance for the purpose of accreditation;
  11. Preparing a full database for the faculty, including the faculty members, junior staff, the faculty staff and labors, the students, the faculty’s programs, the academic degrees granted by the faculty, course description, specifying the beneficiaries among the alumni and their requirements;
  12. Suggesting the establishment of new programs in accordance with the needs of the community;
  13. Assisting in setting the academic standards of the faculty’s programs.


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