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About the Sociology Dept.

About the Department of Sociology



The Head of the Department: Prof. Soheir Al-Damanhoury



Definition and objectives

  • Preparing graduates capable of scientifically social analysis.
  • Preparing graduates capable of understanding the Egyptian society and its issues and problems from a social perspective.
  • Preparing graduates with skills qualifying them to conduct social scientific research.

Increasing the community awareness of the student and developing his critical vision.


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements and conversion

  • The department admits (500) students: 250 students + 250 students
  • The priority is given to applicants with higher Thanawya Amma scores.


Translated by:  Nahla Mounir, Assistant Lecturer

Revised and Edited by: Ahmed Khater, Lecturer

English Department, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University


Uploaded By: Toqa S. Ahmed


English Department, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University

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