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The Faculty of Arts’ First International Geography Conference: Subscription Form

The Faculty of Arts’ First International Geography Conference

The First International Geography Conference:

“Sustainable Development Trends in the Arab World : Future Horizons”

Faculty of Arts- Helwan University- Cairo

Arab Republic of Egypt-Cairo: Monday- Wednesday 27th-29th April 2015

Language of the Conference: Arabic & English

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Topics of the Conference:

First: Environment and Natural Development in the Arab World

  • Trends of the environment developmental thinking in the Arab World;
  • Various regions of the environment and the developmental progress;
  • Processes of the development and environmental assessment;
  • Samples, environment applications and development processes;
  • Man as a Geomorphological element and its impact on the development processe
  • Coastal environment;
  • Desert environment;
  • Plain environment;
  • Climate change and its impact on the development processes;
  • Nature reserves;
  • Planning and developing water resources;

Second: Sustainable Social and Economic Development in the Arab World

  • Residential development;
  • Rural development;
  • Urban development;
  • Development of various services;
  • Agricultural development;
  • Environmental development;
  • Water resources development;
  • Fisheries development;
  • Pastures development;
  • Intercommerce resources development;
  • Industry and power development;
  • Touristic development;

Third: Sustainable Human Development in the Arab World

  • Residential development;
  • Economic development;
  • Urban development;
  • Development of public utilities and services;
  • Applying the human development implications;

Fourth: Sustainable Development in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council

  • Economic development;
  • Inter-integrity;
  • Power strategy;

Fifth: Sustainable Development in Northern, Southern and Western Africa

  • Water resources development;
  • Touristic development;
  • Fisheries development;
  • Environment resources development.

Sixth: Sustainable Development of Interdisciplinary Sciences

  • Social sciences;
  • Economic sciences;
  • Political sciences;
  • International relations;
  • Human relations;
  • Applied languages.

Seventh: Problems and Future Horizons for Sustainable Development in the Arab World

  • Natural environment and its problems;
  • Social development and its problems;
  • Economic development and its problems;
  • Future horizons for sustainable development.

 Conditions of Participation:

Approval of the submitted papers depends upon the following conditions:

  • The paper should revolve around any of the topics of the conference;
  • Papers should abide by the academic methodology and documentation;
  • Papers should be new, never published or submitted to any conference before;
  • The participant should admit that he never publish his paper before or intend to do so;
  • Number of pages should not exceed 40 pages, excluding top papers;
  • Submitted papers will be viewed and approved by virtue of publication rules of the journal of the Faculty of Arts, Helwan University and sent to: gogcn@arts.helwan.edu.eg
  • Papers should be sent electronically all the way;
  • Each participant should send his/her CV, with a recent photo, of maximally one page, using simplified Arabic 14 font, 1.5 lines spacing;
  • For non-Egyptian participants, they should send a copy of their passports for visa procedures in case of approval;
  • In case of approval, participants will be invited and hosted;
  • For any inquiries about the conference, participation and attendance, you can kindly visit the university’s website or calling the conference secretary, Mr Hesham Zakariyya, at 01227884518, or via email at: shark_hz@yahoo.com;
  • Important dates of the conference:


Approval Stages Date
Abstract submission 15/11/2014
Abstract approval notification 10/12/2014
First full paper submission 15/1/2015
Final full paper submission 26/2/2015
Full paper approval notification 1/3/2015


Organizational committees of the conference include:

First: High Supervisory Committee

  • / President of the University, Chairman
  • / Vice-president for Postgraduate Studies and Researches, Member
  • / Soheir Abdel-Salam Hanafy, Member
  • / President of National Cement Company, Member
  • / Mona Abdel-Rahman Al-Kayyaly, Member
  • / Wafiq Mohamed Gamal Al-Deen, Member
  • / Omar Mohamed Aly Mohamed, Member
  • / Magda Gomaa, Member

Second: The Conference Organazing Committee

  • / Soheir Abdel-Salam Hanafy, Dean of the Faculty of Arts
  • / Mona Abdel-Rahman Al-Kayyaly, Chair of the Scientific Committee
  • / Wafiq Mohamed Gamal Al-Deen, Rapporteur of the Scientific Committee
  • / Omar Mohamed Aly Mohamed, General Rapporteur of the Conference
  • / Magda Mohamed Ahmed Gomaa, Head of Geography Dept.
  • / Abdullah Abdel-Haleem Abdullah, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
  • / President of Helwan Cement Co., Member
  • / Marketing Manager of Etisalat Co., Member
  • / Marketing Manager of Mobinil Co., Member
  • / Marketing Manager of Egyptair, Member
  • / Marketing Manager of Vodafone Co., Member
  • / Marketing Manager of Bank Misr, Member
  • / Marketing Manager of Cairo Bank, Member
  • / Marketing Manager of National Bank of Egypt, member
  • / Marketing Manager of Misr Al-Khair Foundation, member
  • / Amr Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Esawy, Faculty General Manager

Third: The Conference Scientific Committee

  • / Mona Abdel-Rahman Al-Kayyialy, President
  • / Wafiq Mohamed Gamal Al-Deen, Rapporteur
  • / Magda Mohamed Ahmed Gomaa, Member
  • / Omar Mohamed Aly Mohamed, Member
  • / Gehan Mustafa Al-Bayyomy, Member
  • Prof./ Fatema Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Samad, Member
  • Prof./ Sayed Abdel-Khaliq Al-Sayed Erfan, Member
  • Prof./ Mohamed Al-Sayed Hafez, Member
  • Prof./ Rafiq Abdel-Wahid Al-Diasty, Member
  • Prof./ Ashraf Zakariyya Al-Abd, Member
  • Prof./ Tareq Kamel Farag, Member
  • Prof./ Nasr Al-Deen Mahmoud Salem, Member

General Rapporteur of the Conference                       Dean

Prof. Omar Mohamed Aly                               Prof. Soheir Abdel-Salam





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