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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some questions are repeated concerning the center’s services and the training courses which it offers. They will be addressed in the following lines:

Q1: When is the TOEFL test?

A: The TOEFL exam is held every two weeks, and exams are announced periodically on the center’s website and on the center’s official Facebook page.

Q2: What is the borderline score in the TOEFL?

A: The center does not specify a degree for admission in the postgraduate studies, but it depends on the faculty concerned and the field of study, not the center.

Q3: When will the results of the TOEFL test be announced?

A: The result will be announced within 5 working days on the center’s website.

Q4: Is it possible to re-sit for the test to obtain a higher score?

A: The researcher or the student can take the test again to obtain a higher score, without a maximum number of retakes.

Q5: What documents are required to apply for the TOEFL test?

A: The fees specified for the test, a copy of the national ID card or the passport, and a personal photo of the applicant are all required.

Q6: When is the TOEFL test’s certificate issued?

A: it is issued within 7 working days after announcing the result.

Q7: What is the validity period of the TOEFL test’s certificate?

A: The validity period is two years commencing the date of the test.

Q8: Does the center provide qualifying courses to pass the academic English language test (TOEFL)?

A: Yes, the center provides qualifying courses on an ongoing basis, and it is announced on the center’s official website and the center’s Facebook page.

Q9: Does the center provide translation services for legal documents and educational certificates?

A: Yes, the center offers the service of translating all documents and certificates from Arabic into all foreign languages and vice versa.

Q10: What are the procedures for obtaining translation service?

A: They are the fees specified for the service and a copy of the national ID or the passport.

Q11: How long does the translation process take?

A: The period is determined according to the quantity of papers to be translated, and the service applicant is notified of the period before leaving the center.

Q12: Who does the translation process?

A: The translation process is carried out by specialized professors from the language departments in the Faculty of Arts.

Q13: What courses are currently available at the center?

A: The available courses are announced through the center’s official website and the Facebook page, along with sufficient information about reservation procedures.

Q14: Does the center offer courses in foreign languages only?

A: The center offers courses in all foreign languages, Arabic language, and all the fields of humanities.

Q15: Does the trainee obtain a certificate after passing the course?

A: Yes, the trainee gets a certificate after each level s/he passes.

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