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Training Courses

The center offers many training courses which are divided according to the fields of specialization, as follows:

A- Language Courses:

  1. Arabic for Non-Native Speakers
  2. Grammar Skills in Arabic Language
  3. English Language
  4. German Language
  5. French Language
  6. Chinese Language
  7. Spanish Language
  8. Italian Language
  9. Turkish Language
  10. Hebrew Language

B- Specialized Courses:

  1. Proficiency Courses in Writing Theses in Arabic Language.
  2. Techniques for Reading and Translating Ottoman Manuscripts and Documents.
  3. The Art of Writing the Journalistic Article.
  4. Public Relations and E-Marketing.
  5. Communication Skills.
  6. Ceremonies and Protocols.
  7. Internet Search Skills.
  8. Electronic Archiving.
  9. Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis of Quantitative Data in the Social
  10.  Sciences Using the SPSS Program.
  11. Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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