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Language Center

Language Center was created for specialized purposes, Faculty of Arts – Helwan University in 1996

The aim of the establishment of the center is:

1. Holding training courses qualify to pass tests in foreign such as TOEFL and raise the efficiency of study and research in conjunction with some stakeholders, as well as raising the professional competence in different disciplines and to teach Arabic to foreigners and strengthen language proficiency for adults and high school students and others with advising views education and for the advancement of the standard of teaching assistants and teaching assistants to help them in Teaching for specialized purposes.

2. The Language Center work sessions in different foreign languages, giving the student a certificate accredited by the center, as follows:

A. English course. German language course

C. Hebrew language course d. Spanish Language Course

E. Italian language course. Modern Greek Language Course

G. French course (equivalent to college students and rights)

* The center also work sessions in the tourist guides follows the Department of Archaeology in the following languages:

A. The ancient Egyptian language. Egyptian cycle effects

C. Course in Islamic monuments d. Course in Greek and Roman Antiquities

These courses qualifies the student to enter the exam tourist guides of the Ministry of Tourism with student grants approved certificate of Languages ​​Centre of the University.

The center if the work preparation courses to pass the TOEFL exam in collaboration with Emideast.

Also doing a specialized French language course in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris in the following sections

Branch Trade – Tourism and Hotels – Tourist Guides – giving students an approved certificate of Paris, and the center also teaches computer science and systems applied in cooperation with the good company of Computer Science and Programming Applied Science students qualifications medium for two academic years with grants students a certificate training applications Computer Science Language Center, based on the contract between the Language Centre and a good company to Computer Science, The Centre also translated certificates and documents.

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