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Dean’s Word


We are moving speedily towards a future that we hope would be inspiring. Our target remains to establish a strong, worldwide connection by sharing data, transfer knowledge, and interchange scientific endeavor. Minimizing time and space barriers, the upgraded website of the Faculty of Arts will be conducive to making our news, information, and activities available, and accessible, to the whole world. We consider this a top priority and an indispensable educational prerequisite here in Egypt and abroad. By launching the updated and upgraded version of the Faculty of Arts’ official website, we aspire to keep abreast with most international institutions that acknowledge electronic websites as integral to the establishing of high international ranking. Through this portal we present the main axes of our institution including its organizational chart, students’ activities, undergraduate and graduate courses, research, and news.

The Faculty of Arts’ website demonstrates our insistence on expediting the interchange of knowledge which, in turn, would initiate further progress of our country.

Prof. Sohair Abdel Salam


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