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Graduate Students

Documents requested for applying to post-graduate studies  (Pre-master’s, Master’s, & Ph.D. degrees):

Documents  Requested for Applying to the Master’s Degree:

  1. Bachelor degree certificate with an overall grade of good at least, or equivalent degree acknowledged by the universities’ supreme council.
  2. A certificate indicating accumulated percentage of the applicant’s four studying academic years.
  3. The applicant’s birth certificate and an official copy of it;
  4. An official approval from the institution where the applicant works;
  5. The Applicant’s military service stance (for males only);
  6. Six personal photos;
  7. Paying the required fees;

University logo and postage stamp are obtained from the college.


Documents Requested for Applying to the Ph.D. Degree:

  1. The applicant’s application.
  2. The applicant’s bachelor certificate, with at least an overall grade of good.
  3. The applicant’s master’s certificate, with at least an overall grade of good.
  4. The Applicant’s military service stance (for males only);
  5. Six personal photos;
  6. Paying the required fees.


1. All certificates should be original.

2. The applicant should not subscribe in more than one stage at a time.

3. The teaching assistants should not register in specialties not related to their academic branches, or in other institutions , except with a permission based on the academic departments’ approval and the university president approval, and an accreditation from the post-graduate and research board.

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